3 Rep Max Clean & Jerk

Absolute Strength, Heavier is better

The 3 Repetition Maximum (3RM) is often considered as the best method for assessing the absolute strength capacity of individuals in non-laboratory environments, behind the 1RM. It is simply defined as the maximum load an individual can lift for three repetitions with correct technique.

Equipment Required: Access to free weights and a barbell, test administrator x 2 (one spotter and one to record results), stopwatch


  1. Participant performs a warm-up with a self-selected load that will allow them to complete a minimum of 8-10 clean & jerk repetitions.
  2. Participant rests between 1-5 minutes (time will be agreed by both participant and test administrator).
  3. Participant now selects an increased load that will enable them to complete 5 clean & jerk repetitions.
  4. Participant rests for the agreed upon time (between 1-5 mins).
  5. Participant now increases the load again and begins to attempt triple clean & jerk repetitions. Participant should continue to attempt triple clean & jerk repetitions at increased loads (10-20% increments) until a 3RM is achieved.
  6. Rest periods should remain at the agreed upon duration between each triple repetition attempt, and this time should remain between 1-5 minutes.
  7. If multiple 3RM tests are being completed on the same day, it is recommended that all test exercises should be separated by a 5-10 minute rest period.
  8. Participant inputs their largest load lifted for 3 repetitions into SharedGoals by clicking on the green “Add score” button.