Illinois Agility Test (Left Side)

Agility, Shorter times are better

The Illinois Agility Test measures agility by measuring how long it takes to complete forward, lateral, and backwards running around a marked course.

Equipment Required: Large open space, tape measure, marker cones x8, stopwatch, test administrator x1


  1. Participant performs a short warm-up following a RAMP protocol.
  2. Test administrator sets-up course. They select the starting point, and place two cones 5 metres apart on the same line, then one cone halfway in-between those cones so that each cone is 2.5m apart. Test administrator then measures a distance of 10m from this first line of cones and places another three cones to mirror the first three. Test administrator then measures a distance of 3.3m in from each of the central cones, and places a cone at each of these points, to complete a line of 4 cones within the 10mx5m box.
  3. Participant lies down on their belly outside of the bottom left hand cone so that their head aligns with the cone.
  4. Participant is counted down “3-2-1-GO” by the test administrator. On the command of “GO”, the administrator starts the stopwatch.
  5. Participant must get up as quickly as possible from the command and run forwards 10m around the first cone. Then they run back 10m, then run up and back through the slalom course of 4 cones in the centre of the grid. Participant then runs 10m up and back past the finishing cone at which point the test administrator stops the timer.
  6. Participant completes three attempts from the bottom left corner, and the test administrator records best attempt.
  7. Participant inputs the fastest time into SharedGoals by clicking on the green “Add score” button.