2 Minute Sit-Up Test

Strength Endurance, More repetitions is better

The 2 Minute Sit-Up Test measures strength endurance of the trunk by measuring how many sit-up repetitions are possible for an individual in a 2 minute time frame.

Equipment Required: Stopwatch, flat non-slip surface


  1. Participant performs a short warm-up following a RAMP protocol.
  2. Participant lies down on their back and bends their knees towards their torso to ensure soles of the feet are planted flat on the ground. They then place their hands behind their ears, but do not pull on their neck.
  3. Participant starts the timer.
  4. Participant curls their torso up towards their knees, touching their elbows to the outside of their knees.
  5. Participant the lowers back to the starting position with control so that their head touches the floor. This is one repetition.
  6. Participant continues to repeat this movement as many times as they can until the 2 minutes has elapsed.
  7. Participant inputs the total number of repetitions they performed in the 2 minute window into SharedGoals by clicking on the green “Add score” button.