4 Cone "T" Drill (Left Side)

Agility, Shorter times are better

The 4-Cone “T” Drill measures agility by measuring how long it takes to complete forward, lateral, and backwards running around a marked course.

Equipment Required: Large open space, tape measure, marker cones x4, stopwatch, test administrator x1


  1. Participant performs a short warm-up following a RAMP protocol.
  2. Test administrator sets-up course. They select the starting point, and places a cone (Cone A), then they measure a distance of 10 yards (9.14m) from this cone and place a cone directly in front of it (Cone B). Test administrator then measures a lateral distance of 5 yards (4.57m) to the left from Cone B and places a third cone (Cone C), then measures a lateral distance of 5 yards to the right and places a fourth cone (Cone D) to make a “T” shape with the four cones.
  3. Participant readies themself on Cone A in a standing split-stance position.
  4. Participant is counted down “3-2-1-GO” by the test administrator. On the command of “GO”, the administrator starts the stopwatch.
  5. Participant sprints from Cone A to Cone B and touches the base of Cone B with their right hand. Participant then shuffles left as quickly as they can to Cone C and touches the base of the cone with their left hand. Participant then shuffles to the right all the way to Cone D and touches the base of the cone with their right hand. They then shuffle left as quickly as possible back to Cone B, this time touching it with their left hand, before tracking backwards as quickly as possible to Cone A. Test administrator stops the timer when participant passes Cone A.
  6. Participant completes three attempts and the test administrator records best attempt.
  7. Participant inputs the fastest time into SharedGoals by clicking on the green “Add score” button.