20 Meter Multi-Stage Fitness Test

Aerobic Capacity, More repetitions is better

The 20m Multi-Stage Fitness Test measures aerobic capacity by measuring the number of repetitions of 20m shuttles an individual can complete.

Equipment Required: Large open space, headphones/speakers, 20m multi-stage fitness test audio track, stopwatch, tape measure, marker cones x2


  1. Participant selects a starting point and places a cone (Cone A).
  2. Participant measures a distance of 20m using the tape measure from Cone A and places a second cone (Cone B).
  3. Participant ready’s themselves on Cone A in a standing split-stance position and starts the 20m multi-stage fitness test audio track. When instructed, the participant must run to Cone B before they hear a beep signal. After the signal is made, the participant must then run back to Cone A before the next signal is heard.
  4. In this test, participants are allowed two consecutive fail attempts before they must withdraw from the test. If the participant fails to reach a cone before the beep is sounded then the first fail attempt is awarded; if the participant then fails to reach the next cone before the subsequent beep is sounded then the second fail attempt is awarded and the participant must withdraw.
  5. Participant inputs the level they reached on the bleep test into SharedGoals by clicking on the green “Add score” button.