5-0-5 Agility Test (Left Side)

Agility, Shorter times are better

The 5-0-5 Agility Test measures agility by measuring acceleration, deceleration and change of direction between markers.

Equipment Required: Large open space, tape measure, marker cones x6, stopwatch, test administrator x1


  1. Participant performs a short warm-up following a RAMP protocol.
  2. Test administrator sets-up course. They select the starting point, and place down two cones, 1m apart (Gate A). Test administrator then measures a distance of 10m and places two additional cones (Gate B) mirroring the initial two cones. The administrator then measures a further 5m from these two cones and places a final pair of cones (Gate C), again mirroring the previous 2 sets of cones.
  3. Participant readies themself on the line of Gate A in a standing split-stance position.
  4. Participant is counted down “3-2-1-GO” by the test administrator. On the command of “GO”, the participant sprints as quickly as they can towards Gate C, but the test administrator does not yet begin timing. Test administrator starts the stopwatch as soon as the participant crosses through Gate B, on the way to Gate C.
  5. Participant stops and turns at Gate C using their left foot, and then immediately sprints back through Gate B. Test administrator stops the timer once the participants crosses back through Gate B for the second time.
  6. Participant completes three attempts and the test administrator records the best attempt
  7. Participant inputs the fastest time into SharedGoals by clicking on the green “Add score” button.