30 Meter Sprint

Speed, Shorter times are better

Sprinting is often considered the ‘gold standard’ for assessing speed. This test does this by measuring is the total time taken to cover a given distance.

Equipment Required: Large open space, trundle wheel (for measuring distance), marker cones x4, stopwatch, test administrator x2


  1. Participant performs a short warm-up following a RAMP protocol.
  2. Test administrator selects starting point and places down two cones spaced 1m apart. The other test administrator uses the trundle wheel to measure 30m from this starting line. Test administrator places down two cones at the 30m line to mirror the two starting line cones.
  3. Participant readies themself on the start line in a standing split-stance position. It is important for reliability that participant always uses the same starting stance.
  4. Participant is counted down “3-2-1-GO” by the test administrators. The timekeeper must stand at the finish line and perform the countdown, whilst the other administrator ensures the participant remains on the starting line.
  5. Participant must accelerate maximally to the 30m finish line as quickly as possible once they hear the instruction “GO”.
  6. Participant completes three attempts, each separated by a 2-3 minute rest period. Test administrator records best attempt.
  7. Participant inputs the fastest sprint time into SharedGoals by clicking on the green “Add score” button.