1500 Meter - Maximal Aerobic Speed Test

Aerobic Capacity, Shorter times are better

The 1500m Maximal Aerobic Speed Test measures aerobic capacity by measuring the total time it takes to cover the distance of 1500m.

Equipment Required: Large open space, stopwatch, trundle wheel, marker cones x2


  1. Participant selects a starting point and places a cone (Cone A).
  2. Participant measures a distance of 100m using the trundle wheel from Cone A and places a second cone (Cone B).
  3. Participant readies themself on Cone A in a standing split-stance position. When they are ready, participant starts the stopwatch and proceeds to run 100m at a comfortable pace to Cone B, turn around and run 100m back to Cone A.
  4. Participant repeats this process without stopping for a total of 15 times to accrue a distance of 1500m. Participant will stop the timer when they complete their 15th shuttle.
  5. Participant inputs the time it took them to complete 1500m into SharedGoals by clicking on the green “Add score” button.