kettlebell group trainig

Organise training

Track progress, motivate athletes, and gain valuable insights.

Set goals

More easily assess your athlete's current fitness levels, and set their personalized goals.


Manage training plans

Save time organizing training for all your athletes. Quickly identify who is sticking to their plan and who is struggling.

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Track progress

Record process for your athletes across all fitness benchmarks, and build engagement amongst your community.

“It has become much easier to see how my athletes are progressing.”

Coach Ali

Your coaching assistant


Your coaching, your software. Build your own benchmarks, assessments, movement descriptions, and training plans.

Privacy controls

Control what you share and what you keep private. Build workouts and benchmarks for specific athletes, or share them with the world.


Use your training history from Strava to complete Benchmarks on SharedGoals.

Store media

Save videos and photos showing all the progress of your athletes including improvements in movement.

Timer screens

Automatically build timer screens from your workouts

Export your data

Export all your coaching data at any time.

Build your community

Build a stronger community of athletes around your training. Let athletes share their progress with you.